Salmon with Creamy Shrimp Sauce

Salmon with Creamy Shrimp Sauce


Serves 4 -6 people.

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1 15 oz. can baby shrimp
1 cup Clam Juice
8 cloves of garlic – Cleaned and Thinly Sliced
1 cup of finely chopped Italian Parsley (Chop off the stems and chop all the leaves coarsely… no stems!)
1 stick of Margarine
1 lb. of  Salmon Fillets
¼  cup of  Whipping Cream

Salt and pepper to taste (if you don’t know what that means, it’s salt about the size of a quarter in your palm and a three or four turns on the pepper grinder..five shakes)


So far you are on a roll!                         Pour yourself a glass of wine!

Here’s the fun part!

Get everything ready before you start!

Open the can of baby shrimp and reserve the juice in a measuring cup.  You will need 1 cup of the clam juice and all the shrimp juice combination  (save some of the juice to pour over the cat’s dinner, she’ll  love you for it!)

Clean and finely slice the garlic.

Chop the parsley, as explained above (no stems)

You are ready to begin!  Pour another glass of wine!

Place a large, deep skillet on a burner with low heat and melt the margarine.

Do not set the flame too high!!  This is Italian, it’s a simmer.

2.      When the margarine is melted, sauté the garlic until golden (not burnt, not brown..golden!!!)

3.      Remove garlic and reserve.  (be sure to remove ALL the garlic.  We don’t want any burnt pieces of garlic to spoil the whole batch…and don’t burn yourself, the oil is hot.  Remove it with a spoon and place it in a coffee cup or bowl)

4.      Place the salmon steaks into the skillet and sauté until the bottoms begin to appear cooked and the edges begin to change color (about four to five minutes)

 5.      Turn over the Salmon, and add all the baby shrimp and about 98% of the parsley and saute for about 8 more minutes or until the salmon begins to flake. Mmmmmmm!     (You will be saving a pinch of the parsley to sprinkle on the final dish.)

6.      Add the clam/shrimp juice and the reserved garlic to the skillet and simmer to reduce the liquid for 10 more minutes, stirring occasionally.

7.      Add ¼ cup of Whipping cream and blend the sauce over a simmer heat for 3 minutes

8.      Place the Salmon on a large serving plate and arrange the sauce on top of the Salmon.

9.      Sprinkle the top with the balance of the parsley …to dress it up!

Slice the bread, Pour the wine, put out the salad and enjoy!


Salmon and Shrimp Sauce a’la Cafe Frex


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