Camarones a ‘la Acapulco (Mexican Shrimp)

Camarrones a la Acapulco
Mexican Shrimp

A contribution of Jose Luis Mercado –  (Acapulco)

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12 large cloves of garlic – chopped very fine

2 lbs of lightly par-boiled, peeled Shrimp

¼ cup of Olive Oil

¼  cup of flour, seasoned with Lemon Pepper

1/4 cup of seasoned bread crumbs

4 large ripe tomatoes – chopped very fine, including all juices

1 Tblsp  Oregano

½ bunch of Parsley – chopped very fine

1/2 can whole, small green olives w/pimento (about two-cupped hands-full) – rinsed to remove salt water

¼ cup of Capers

12 Long Chile Peppers (wash, but do not cut)

2 8 oz. bottles Clam Juice

1 can Cream of Shrimp soup

1 cup Sherry or Marsala cooking wine

¼ cup of finely chopped walnuts


  1. Chop Garlic – Tomatoes – Parsley – Place in a large Strainer over a bowl and drain and reserve all liquids.
  2. Prepare the Juices
    1. Add white wine to Cream of Shrimp Soup (or substitute)
    2. Add juice from the chopped Tomatoes to Wine-Soup Mixture and set aside
  3. Prepare the Shrimp:
    1. Soak, wash, drain, dry and quarter the shrimp into small bite-sized pieces, place in a large plastic mixing bag.
    2. Add ¼ of Garlic and ¼ of Parsley, chopped walnuts and Oregano to Flour/Bread crumbs mixture
    3. Drizzle Olive oil on Shrimp and mix by hand to cover each piece
    4. Add Shrimp to bag of above mixture and mix to cover each piece, coat well and remove from bag and set aside
  4. Main Preparation:
    1. Add remaining olive oil to a large, deep frying pan,
    2. Add enough shrimp to pan and Saute’  on medium-low heat (checking not to over cook).
    3. Remove cooked Shrimp from pan and set aside
    4. Repeat steps b and c until all shrimp is cooked.(may require more oil)
    5. Saute’ Garlic until golden, then add Tomato and Parsley mixture until garlic is aromatic and almost browned.
    6. Add, olives, capers and chilles and continue saute for two minutes
    7. Add Wine/Soup/Juice mixture and bring to a slow boil for eight minutes, then immediately turn off heat.
    8. Pour Sauce into a large “Gravy Bowl” and return the Shrimp to the sauce.
  5. Serving:
    1. Pour over Rice, Linguine or Penne Pasta


Note:  Chiles are “whole”.  Generally one Chile is taken  per serving for added seasoning.  Bite the tip; of the chile and drizzle the juice on the dish, for added spice, if desired.


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