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There are just three simple rules.
1. Cooking is not rocket science. If you can smell, taste, measure, read and follow instructions then you can cook. Anyone can cook! Anyone!
2. Before you even touch food you must learn a few basics, which are covered here in Session One.
3. Changing recipes and experimentation is load of fun, but for beginners, life is easier if you follow a recipe. So for starters, everything we do will have a recipe.

Session One: So, what’s in a recipe?

A recipe consists of six very important, but basic elements: (once you have mastered these simple basics, you can cook anything!) And, if you are not sure, JUST ASK!

Until you are prepared to follow verbal recipes with confidence. Here’s a Tip: Beware of recipes that leave out measurements and offer too many alternate ingredients. They were created to trick you into a bad outcome. (So, now you know)

Here are the Six Basic Elements of a Recipe.

1. Ingredients: (that’s your shopping list) Most items may already be in your kitchen and some will have to be bought, but you never start cooking until you have all your ingredients.  No exceptions!  Session Two starts with the gathering of ingredients.

2. Measurements: Your recipe will mention measurements like 1 cup of this, or two tablespoons of that, or a pinch of this. We will spend some time on measurements. These are just two important tool found in a kitchen.  Session Two-A will cover every type of measurement you would possible use in a kitchen…well almost.

3. Utensils: Session Two-B will spend enough time on utensils like skillets, pots, bowls, plates, pans, covers, steamers, tongs, and God knows what else. You will learn what each utensil is and what it is used for. And if you have a question..Just Ask!

4. Heat Levels: Session Two-C is all about fire, fire, fire. Your recipe will mention low heat, medium heat, high heat and low-medium heat. Also.simmer, saute, steam, boil, roast, broil and fry. You will learn what each of these terms mean and how they are used to change a recipe. Just a quick note: There is a book called 200 ways to cook chicken. That seems to be useful for most dishes.

5. Preparation: Session Three is the most fun part of cooking and should become your favorite part of the recipe too. Personally, the more preparation there is, the more fun I have. We will learn how to follow the preparation list and have everything ready like an assembly line to make our meal. Just like on the cooking shows!  This is also the most entertaining part of a meal. If you are cooking for friends or family, half the fun is having an audience during the preparation. (The men who cooked for the Boomerangs, would recruit choppers, peelers, slicers and whatever else they needed from the guests who will enjoy the meal. (Truly, the most fun for me!)

6. Instructions: Session Four the final step.  Now that you have all your ingredients ready. Your utensils are all out and ready for action and your assembly line is complete, these are the simple step by step instructions to make your meal. This bears repeating. Anyone can cook. If you can smell, taste, measure and read…you can cook!

7. Timing: Session Four will also cover one of the most important element in the process. Timing! My father used to say “You can’t cook a 3 minute egg for 5 minutes.” He also said “Once it is well-done, you can’t make it rare” You will learn how to pay attention to the clock.

Before you even attempt to enroll in our Cooking Classes, there is a brief pre-qualifier to be completed. Basically a pre-registration assignment.

To Start Session One, please follow this assignment:

Select one ( 1 ) of the recipes from the list on the main page. A couple suggestions are “Italian Sausage and Bean Soup”, “Salmon with Creamy Shrimp Sauce” or “Lasagna”.

Next, you will prepare 3 lists taken from your selected recipe, as instructed below:

1. Make a list of all the “measurements” mentioned (just the measurements, like a can, a cup, a tablespoon, etc.)
2. Make a list of all the utensils mentioned.
3. Make a list of all the “Heat Levels” mentioned

Next, enter your answers below and proceed to register for the training sessions:

Type your answers below separated by commas

*(denotes required field)
Type the selected recipe name
Enter the number of measurements mentioned
Enter the number of utensils mentioned
Enter the number of heat levels mentioned

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Once your first assignment is completed, you may register for the rest of the class, below:

Register NOW! For immediate access, you will be given a username and password and will be able to log on to the rest of the sessions at any time.

For only $26.89 you surely won’t run out of classes and support until your family and friends are raving about your cooking skills.


Have fun! Play with your food!

Papa Calarco

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