My Father’s Book.

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If history has taught us anything, it is that we honor our fathers.
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On July 7th, 2011, we celebrated the 90th birthday of one of the most adoring son’s and the most adored father, Dominic “Frex” Calarco.  The history on this man has yet to be seen!

fatherDominic Calarco, at 90 years old, was the oldest living Calarco in the bloodline of Antonino Calarco of Calabria, Italy.  He was surely Young at Heart.

A very special gathering took place in Genoa City, Wisconsin, in honor of the wonferful life of Dominic Calarco.

For those of you who may wish a copy of the invitation, please click here. father

If you were unable to make it, I can assure that you were there in spirit and represented by mutual friends, relatives and acquaintances.  I’ll be asking a small favor of you, if you’ll please read on.

The “My Fathers Book” section of this site is dedicated  to the original Boomerang members and expands far and wide to generations of relationships.

The Final chapter of My Father‘s Book, is a collection of stories told by the friends, acquaintances, relatives, daughters, sons and grandchildren and great grandchildren of men who can relate a brief story of one occasion or more in which Dominic made you laugh, think, wonder, cry, proud, embarrassed or just a memory!  Instructions to follow.
We will be publishing the book when it is complete and every contribution of readable stories will be appreciated.

For those who were unable to join us for Dominic’s 90th Birthday party.  He was 90, it was 90 degrees and there were exactly 90 people.  He had a great time.  The video linked below was a presentation that tracked everything that he has “seen’ in his lifetime…the music, the clothes, the movies, celebrities, cars…all of it.

That night, we recognized the oldest and youngest living male Calarco’s as we toasted Dominc and Trevor Calarco.  We had a ball.

When you have some time, come back and click below to open a video made especially for the celebration.father, father, father

<<  90 Years of a Wonderful Life  >>

Note: This is the original video shown at the event. The first three minutes of standby music was intended to allow the guests to take their seat.  Get comfortable and turn on the volume.  90 years of change.

Farewell Mr. Dad,

The Tuesday prior to the November 4th, during a routine medical examination, Dominic was told that he will need to find himself another doctor.  “Why?”  he asked, with no fear of a surprise.  “Because you will probably outlive me.  I can’t find anything wrong with you, that you can’t handle”, the doctor laughed.  Dad was always very proud of his youthful presentation.  He never played the part of the “old man”.  He didn’t fit the character.  But he was damn proud of how sharp he kept his mind and “most” of his memory, and his physical condition.  He jogged down stairs.  He had a gait on him that kept you panting.  He was healthy and very proud of it.  Hell, I am lucky to have just some of his genes.

Dad would always prompt his fellow veterans at a 307th Bombardment Group reunion with “Come on you old people, step up…old people first!”.  He despised wheel chairs because they make you “sit and wait to die.”.  Well, you couldn’t keep up with him, even at 90!
He was so young at heart, all his life.  With everyone he’s ever met and ever known.

He often said that he wanted to go “quick” with the snap of a finger.  He also said “Time is a terrible thing to waste”.

On that night before November 4th, Dominic laid out his pajamas, and stepped into the bathroom to prepare for his shower.  He sat on the toilet for a quick pee, stood up and died instantly.  He had succumbed to dehydration and his heart failed in an instance and he was dead.

As proven by the nearly one-hundred cars in his police escorted funeral procession, his memory will live on in the hearts of generations of friends, military buddies, relatives and acquaintances touched by his generous heart and genuine, tell-it-like-it-is personality throughout his 90 years.

This section of [My Fathers Book] is dedicated to those us us (this means you) who might have a story to tell, regardless of length.  May just leave a brief memory are a short farewell below

Please help be finish the final chapter of My Fathers Book.  In the reply box below, please leave your name and contact information and leave a few words, if you can.

The eulogy presented at dad’s final night is taken from one of the chapters of his book. It is a perfect example of his sincere spontaneity, his generous heart and his since of human connection with every one he ever met.

Christmas with the angels!

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the rest of the site.

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