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Here’s a few Winners!
Helen Marie treated her dear Aunt Kathrine to a 90 Year Birthday party, and who do you think showed up?    Happy Birthday Aunt Kathrine.


Helen Marie and her Aunt Kathrine surrounded by Romeos

Helen Marie with the Romeos

Helen Marie and the Romeos


The man himself (front row standing, far left) joins the Romeo's in celebrating Enzo Grisi's birthday at Alta Vista, in Addison, Illinois.

 (click photo to enlarge)

From left to right, standing:  Dominic “Frex” Calarco, Donald, Danny the Pope, Tinnucci, Bobby, Big Tony, Cheech, Giorgio, Maury, Luke, Dominick, Michael
Seated, left to right:  Enzo Grisi, Pino.
PS:  There is no Maury…that’s Chuck

Join twelve of the most entertaining Italians you would ever chance to meet.  The Romeo‘s, stars of “Party with the Romeo‘s”, an internet show about a dozen inner-city boys who have been hanging out together for over 50 years.  These guys represent an entire generation of Italians from Chicago’s Little Italy North, home of the Boomerangs and Cafe’ Frex.

You will have a lead part in the next taping of “Party with the Romeo’s.


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